Dear JAH,
I want to personally thank-you for writing this extraordinary book. Now it makes sense who I am why i am here and what i must do to be able to get back home. I know now how much you really Love us. The "little stone" came at a time in my life where I had given up Hope of finding the truth or I should say given up on life.

I was very unhappy. After making some really tough decisions and going thru tough times I was shown the book by my new husband. I decided to read it (with an open-mind) and forget what I had been taught. I am so glad I finally listened. It has changed my life completely and what I believe spiritually is totally different now than before reading it. After making many changes in my life with the help of my loving husband, today I feel real FREEDOM! Freedom from the 8 to 5 treadmill, the beast system, and man made laws; free of the lies. WOW! what an eye opener to the Truth. I love reading it over and over again(can't get enough) because it helps me understand more and more of the Truth. It helps me stay humble and stay in the moment. I love listening to God, seeing His hand at work each day. I love letting Him guide me, life is so much better now. Why? because ONLY He knows best. Again THANK-YOU JAH for all the enduring Love you have shown all these many years. How may I help you fight the evil, please?
I love you,

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