Below you will find a collection of reviews and testimonials from readers who have enjoyed and benefitted from reading "The Way home or face The Fire" and wish to spread the word.


Written by the ONLY sane person on planet Earth.

This book ACTUALLY makes sense.

It is Truth Divine... Life Eternal... and brings a soothing peace for each troubled soul that accepts Reality as clearly explained by the Author.

This is what you have been waiting to hear!

If you have been asking for THE TRUTH, what is the meaning of life, what can
I do, how can I live it, this book is what you have been waiting for!

A must read for everyone!

Highly recommended!

- Yasmin

God is Great

And so is the job that JAH has done with this book.

The way he pieces everything together is just amazing.




Amazing Book. Great Way to fight satan.

Thank You!!!

This Book saved me so much pain.

I love this Book!


He showed us The Way

My dear Brothers,

It's so beautiful to see how many of us are understanding the importance of TWHOFTF, and where it does come from.


The only one worth keeping and rereading

Of all the very many books I have read while looking for the truth this is the only one worth keeping and rereading. In fact I threw away about 100 books in favour of this one.

I cannot believe that I was so blind to The Truth

I cannot believe that I was so blind to The Truth. I only wish that I could do more to help you, JAH.

My husband and I (from South Africa) are copying this book on cd and giving it out to all who are interested.


The Truth that will set us free

My wife and I always felt there was more to sitting at church with a smile and walking out to our same problems, only worse...


As I follow His Way, my waters WILL be sure

I used to not believe in God, and then Christ. I always felt lost, and knew that I was sad almost every other day, and fearing that I would go back into depression...


God's Spirit from the Morning Star

Realize the TRUTH and REPOSESS your True Faith in GOD the HOLY SPIRIT, the GOOD SPIRIT that is within you, GOD"S CHURCH is in you. PRAY for PEACE,LOVE and UNDERSTANDING.

- Pam J.


...I came online searching for answers because I felt so empty. I relied on alcohol for a sense of temporary freedom. I now realize I must change my lifestyle and commit myself to the Lord. I need to know Him, trust Him, and be worthy of heaven to escape my sentence.....


GOD led me to find the book

As a little child growing up in church, I was taught that GOD was stupid. The preacher would read from the bible and misinterpret everything, and I knew it wasn't right. I started to dislike the church for playing around with GOD in such way.


I thank you from the depths of my soul

...First let me say that I have been brought up a non-believer and until two days ago I was still a non-believer in God. I have now admitted the error of my ways as after reading The Way home or face The Fire, my eyes have been opened and I thank you from the depths of my soul for revealing the truth to me at a time when I was ready to accept it....


A New Year - The same Problems - The same Solution

Well, the Yuletide season has passed. A new calendar year is upon us and the same troubles are more and more obvious. We mustn't let ourselves be fooled by the media/mind control merchants. There is still terrible injustice, pain and suffering going on - and only reading, studying and following the plan can save us from it. Everyday we are led to believe that this year will be better, this year will be different. It may be a new calendar year, but the same problems affect all of us. Those that have read TWHOFTF will know that there will be no let up. If we do not stop the dictators/rulers of the world from running/ruining the world, The End is inevitable.


The ONLY truth!

Like many others, I went through the religions pretty fast, attending most only ONCE, some walking out in a matter of minutes, and one even sucked me in for a few years because it was a close counterfeit.

After reading "The Way home or face The Fire" my prayers have FINALLY been answered!.....


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